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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is most of your meat vacuum packaged?

Simply put, it's a much better way to store and display our product. We get our beef and pork in, in primals, and we cut the steaks and chops on-site. We immediately vacuum package them for maximum freshness, then display them and sell it directly to you. Please see our page on vacuum packaging.

Can you process game that I bring to you?

No, we are not currently a custom exempt processor. This requires extra licensing at both the state and city level. If we experience enough demand, we may look into this more over the fall and winter.

Do you have access to hanging 1/4, 1/2, and whole cows?

We are starting to work with a few local farmers. One raises Akaushi cattle, which falls under the Wagyu designation, and the other raises Limousin. Check back soon for more details, we would like to offer this in the fall.

Do you have dog bones?

Yes, we carry frozen, raw, half (canoe style) marrow bones.

Can you special order in a product for me?

Yes. Depending upon the minimum quantity that I can order of a specific product, there may be a minimum purchase amount and or down payment required for special ordered. Please ask us, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Do you carry grass-fed beef?

Yes. Currently we offer a grass-fed and finished, pasture raised, hormone and antibiotic free NY Strip. We may expand our selection as demand dictates.

How long do you dry-age your beef for?

We dry-age all of our beef for a minimum of 21 days. Almost all of our bone-in steaks are cut between 21-28 days. Occasionally we may go longer and offer up a small quantity beef aged from between 45-90 days.

Can I buy a whole dryaged primal (bone-in ribeye, tomahawk ribeye, or shortloin)?

Currently this would require you to pre-order the whole loin, and then we would dry age it for you for a pre-determined period of time. Please let us know if you are interested in this. We may expand our capacity for the holidays for whole, dry aged standing rib roasts (bone-in prime rib).

Do you offer package pricing?

Check back soon!